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Company : Email Append LLC

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Email Append® LLC is the leading provider of customer driven email data solutions consisting of consumer and business email information products and services, database marketing services, data processing services along with customer and prospect email marketing solutions. Accurate email content is an essential ingredient of every marketing program and for over 16 years we have provided customer driven email data solutions and services to leading companies in multiple industries by providing the most accurate and deliverable email addresses in the market.

By turning an email address into a marketable data point, we can enable you to quickly and cost-effectively improve your email programs by expanding your marketing reach, lowering your cost per contact and increasing the net contribution and profitability of every campaign.

Email acquisition is a core competency and our hosted solution, called Email Prospecting Ecosystem, coupled with an array of complementary marketing services is designed to convert your highly qualified prospects into customers while lowering your overall acquisition costs.

The email prospecting ecosystem is a closed-looped continuity email program where multiple messages are sent in multiple waves meant to deliver relevance, generate response and to foster continuous improvements. You, the marketer, maintain total control over the entire process by selecting the targeted audience, providing the message content and dictating the message cadence. And the best part, you only pay for messages that get delivered!

The email channel is immediate, direct, measurable as well as the foundation of other digital and online channels. Consumers have come to expect that companies/brands will keep them informed, provide product information and give incentives via email. While email is maturing it is still a very effective marketing communications channel and will remain a powerful force in marketing and our lives.

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Contact: Tim Swigor , President