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How to Engage When Customers Don't Give a Damn

Starts: 11:10 am | Ends: 11:40 am

Customers believe what they want to believe, see what they want to see, and could not care less about what you say.  We are wired to create preconceived notions, attitudes and beliefs, and even the most valid of evidence can’t sway us. However, there are some simple and powerful things marketers can do to break down that wall and get through in ways that build trust, support, and loyalty.

This session on psychology-based marketing will enlighten your mind as to what really matters to consumers, what inspires them to engage, and what makes them believe your brand and products.

You’ll learn how to tap the powerful psychological principles associated with:

  • Perceptual narrowing
  • Our need for purpose and meaning
  • Addressing effective systems in ways that capture attention and trust

Most of all, you’ll learn how to achieve “unthinkable” ROI through psychology based marketing.

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