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Technology & Solutions Session: 3 Hacks to Optimize Email Open Rates

Starts: 11:00 am | Ends: 4:30 pm

As Seth Godin put it, why waste a sentence saying nothing? A subject line is usually only 5-7 words, yet it can feel harder to write than a 2,000-word college paper. The truth is that subject lines are the doorway into your email campaigns. If that doorway isn’t enticing, no one will go on to click your emails, let alone buy your products. To learn how to boost your email open rates sky high, attend “3 Hacks to Optimize Email Open Rates”.

You’ll learn actionable hacks like:

  • The best opt-in process for long-term open rate success
  • Tips for writing email subject lines that beg to be opened
  • Engagement segmentation strategies to boost sender reputation and email engagement