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Case Study Session 1: Powering Online Sales With Savvy Email Marketing

Starts: 11:30 am | Ends: 12:30 pm

First, join Elizabeth Duffey and Madelyn Herbert as they share some of the top marketing tactics that help Thistle Farms – a nonprofit organization based in Nashville – sell more online merchandise and fund their inspiring mission. You’ll learn …

  • Why email should be a central part of any retailer’s marketing strategy,
  • Some proven ways to quickly grow your subscriber list
  • How to continually build brand loyalty with email marketing

Next, James Outten, co-owner and operator of the Outten Auto Group, will share how his company successfully implemented a multichannel campaign centred around email and the results he saw. Jeremiah D. Paulovich, president of dDaniel Advertising Agency, and David W. Paulovich, CEO of dDaniel Advertising Agency, will also discuss what made this campaign so successful, and what other marketers can do to improve their email marketing strategy.

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