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Case Study Session 2: How Healthcare Marketers Use Email to Gain ROI

Starts: 12:45 pm | Ends: 1:45 pm

Healthcare marketers have many challenges to overcome to message consumers. In this session, marketers will hear from two of their peers — Carestream, an imaging system provider, and Rite Aid, a front-line retailer — about successful email programs from each brand.

First up is Carestream. The healthcare brand needed to launch a marketing initiative to generate interest in the CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound System. Working with Verdi Group, the company created a miniature version of the machine and sent it out via direct mail at the beginning of a multichannel campaign that emphasized email marketing. The email campaign with an initial deployment, a reminder and a follow-up nurturing series included PURLs, which personalized the content and provided rough lead scoring to help a dedicated telemarketing push harvest quality sales opportunity leads.

Next, marketers will hear about Rite Aid’s email marketing program, which continues to be a big income driver for the retailer. In “Case Study: Keeping Your Contacts Active and Re-engaging Inactives,” Tertel will ask healthcare marketers a question. He wants to know, “You work hard to grow your email list, but how do you keep your contacts active with your email program?” In this session, Joe Tertel, he’ll discuss his approach at RiteAid to list management and share marketing tactics to drive opens. He’ll detail how to handle inactive contacts.

During both case studies, marketers will learn:

• How to best optimize email for their campaigns in order to gain leads
• How to maximize ROI from email marketing
• What to do about inactive/unresponsive contacts

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Joe Tertel
Manager, E-commerce and Email Marketing, RiteAid
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