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Technology & Solutions Session -- Bronto Customer Success: EMU Australia

Starts: 11:00 am | Ends: 3:00 pm

Sue Meehan, global director for brand and ecommerce at EMU Australia, discusses how Bronto helped the brand launch several successful campaigns, drive revenue and achieve impressive results, such as helping to increase its open rate by 200% and its conversion rate by 3%.

EMU Australia started running Cart Recovery and immediately saw success. Meehan said it’s paid for itself many times over.

  • $5 of revenue per email
  • Open rate: up 200%

Meehan also uses a Welcome Series campaign. The open and conversion rates are substantially better than traditional promotional emails.

  • Open Rate: 200%
  • Conversion rate: 3%

Bronto’s people made for a good culture fit with EMU Australia. The company uses Bronto’s email automation and other resources to maintain their global footprint even though they are a small team. Bronto Strategy Services also helps keep the company on track.


Sue Meehan
Global Director for Brand and Ecommerce, EMU Australia


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